Joe Campbell



Joe Campbell joins Fireman & Company as the Practice Lead for Search & AI, leveraging the extensive experience garnered from his 10 years at iManage and RAVN. He is renowned for his strategic prowess and hands-on skills in enhancing Search and AI-driven knowledge management systems, playing a crucial role in the evolution of enterprise search capabilities. Notably, his role as Senior Product Manager was crucial in the development of iManage Insight+.

Joe Campbell’s expertise extends beyond product development; he is distinguished for providing technical leadership across all aspects of the enterprise, especially in executing exceptional Enterprise Search solutions for large-scale clients. His methodology surpasses simple technical supervision, delving into profound, strategic interactions with client obstacles and market trends.

Currently, at Fireman & Company, Campbell is thrilled about lending his substantial expertise to an already extraordinary team. “The chance to collaborate with such skilled professionals at Fireman is exhilarating,” he asserts. “I am ready to weave my insights and abilities into our joint initiatives, spearheading unprecedented innovation in the legal field.” His foresight and competence ensure he’s not merely observing the technological progression in legal sectors, but actively directing it.