Is your intranet ready for the digital workspace and the new ‘lawyer experience’?

As remote work becomes the norm, firms are looking at ways to not only remotely connect, but to enable their matter teams to work efficiently.  In response, leading firms have created intranets that provide solutions that directly, and positively, address these business objectives.

New Challenges, New Questions
What have law firms done with their intranets to meet this challenge and the increased demand for remote enablement? What are firms doing to align their intranets with the rapid adoption of Microsoft Teams so that they work with, and not against, lawyers’ use of these new digital workspaces? How are firms creating a Lawyer Experience (LX) that both meets their requirements and delights them?

Addressing these questions is critical to ensuring that your intranet remains relevant and a vital practice resource. 

Aligning Intranets With Lawyers

Fireman & Company’s Intranet Practice is the market leader in legal intranet design and delivery. We work with our clients to build award-winning and business critical resources that support the objectives of firms and the work of lawyers. We have amassed an unparalleled understanding of how lawyers work and the role that intranets play in supporting their practices. This increasingly includes strategies to align intranets with Microsoft Teams to ensure they both serve clear, defined, and valuable purposes.

Risk Free Assessment

Contact us to discuss how a diagnostic of your intranet can provide you with the market intelligence and benchmarks to help ensure your new intranet will be relevant to lawyers and the new LX. 

For only $2,000 we will benchmark your intranet in 28 areas against leading practices, current and emerging capabilities, the use of existing and new technologies, and best-in-class design principles. If you wish to engage  Fireman & Company in the redesign of your intranet, we will apply this $2,000 towards those services.

Let us arm you with the actionable intelligence to plan the next phase of your intranet journey. Contact Tom Baldwin ([email protected]) to learn more.